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      About Kunlun


      Suzhou Kunlun Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



      Marketing Department:



      Marketing Department:



      Website: www.moldaviteandsugilite.com

      E-mail: klhem@klhem.com

      Address: Suzhou, Jiangsu Jinmao Road Town, Kunshan City, No. 599

      Postal Code: 215313

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      Suzhou Kunlun Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co.Ltd (KHM), established in May, 2009, is a wholly owned subsidary of Jangsu Yonggang Group. The registered capital of it is RMB 100,000,000.KHM Has passed ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System, GJB9001B-2009 military standard quality management system, CCS China Classification Society Quality Management System, AS9100C aerospace quality management system and weaponry research and production units confidentiality tertiary qualification, and successfully achieved weapons and equipment research and production licenses, has been named provincial units, "Jiangsu Province quality management Advanced Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province, private technology enterprises," " Technology Laboratory in Suzhou City, heavy equipment heavy forging squeeze ", "Kunshan technology R & D institutions ", has been granted" high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province "," Suzhou engineering research center for hot forging "," graduate student workstations province ", KHM is the key technological research institutes  in Jiangsu Province.

      Until now, the company has become a modern cooperation with a production capacity of 20,000 tons, Advanced R&D department, complete heating systems, heat treatment systems, maching systems, physical and chemical detection systems and other facilities. Solid financial support, advanced management concept, well-known R&D team and a high-quality marketing department and technical management professionals also enhance the competitiveness of the company.

      The company put meeting the demand of customers above all things. To achieve that goal, the company devote to making technology innovation, improving internal management, training of talents, maintaining good relationship of customers and developing new markets. With all the efforts, the company is trying to become an first-class and well-known heavy equipment manufacturing enterprise in the world.

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