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      Suzhou Kunlun Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



      Marketing Department:



      Marketing Department:



      Website: www.moldaviteandsugilite.com

      E-mail: klhem@klhem.com

      Address: Suzhou, Jiangsu Jinmao Road Town, Kunshan City, No. 599

      Postal Code: 215313

      Expert team

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      Pan Jiluan

      Pan Jiluan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanchang University chancellor, professor at Tsinghua University, China, founder of modern welding theory. Former Councilor and State Council Academic Degrees Committee of Materials Science and Engineering Review Team Leader, International Institute of Welding Vice President, Chinese Welding Society, chairman, vice chairman of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Ohio State University, the University of Aachen, Germany, visiting the University of Hannover, Germany Professor, SUNY (Utica Campus) Professor Emeritus, Panyuan Shi won the National invention Award, the incumbent Chief Scientist KHM Kunlun, Kunlun KHM is a major strategic development director.

      Ge Chang-Chun

      Ge Changchun, Beijing University of Technology and Southwest Jiaotong University professor and doctoral tutor. Chinese Academy of Sciences, the World Academy of Sciences ceramics.
      1980 to 1983 as a researcher at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, MAX-Planck Institute of Materials Science and Industry University in Berlin, powder metallurgy and advanced ceramics research, received his Ph.D. degree Technical University of Dresden. GE Chang-Chun has long been engaged since 1953 powder metallurgy and advanced ceramics and other research. Won the national invention prize 1; 22 patents and published more than 200 papers.
      Since 2009, GE Chang-Chun Academy and Suzhou Kunlun Kunlun KHM AMT and co-create China's first powder forging engineering laboratory, in carbon steel, automobile connecting rod and powder forging superalloy turbine disk study.

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