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      Suzhou Kunlun Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



      Marketing Department:



      Marketing Department:



      Website: www.moldaviteandsugilite.com

      E-mail: klhem@klhem.com

      Address: Suzhou, Jiangsu Jinmao Road Town, Kunshan City, No. 599

      Postal Code: 215313

      Personnel Policy

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      First:the personnel policy

      1:ability and integrity, to Germany first .

      2:capable, the levels were so, Yongzhe .

      Second:staff training

      1:the company relies enterprise academician workstation and key laboratories , R & D projects and production combined with the actual needs of the job training and regular internal training , learning and technical seminars combined.

      2:the company developed excellent staff training mechanism, send excellent expatriate staff training or job training to go to Tsinghua University and other institutions of higher learning .

      Third, growth opportunities

      ( 1 ) Rotation : Staff rotation system so that employees in different positions to get professional skills overall.

      ( 2 ) reorientation : excellent work in their own posts , based on individual willingness to engage in other positions, when there is a corresponding vacancies , they can apply for job transfer .

      ( 3 ) competition : When a company has an important job vacancies in a department , and the department when there is no suitable candidates , all employees have the opportunity to participate in competition.

      ( 4 ) Internal Assessment Qualifications : Company annual series launched in various professional qualifications assessed internally for employees to build a professional development ladder.

      ( 5 ) Paid send read : select group of outstanding annual paid employees get read , help employees to further enhance the level of knowledge .

      ( 6 ) job rotation and deputies attachment : outstanding management personnel for job rotation and deputy attachment opportunities to help expand the potential cadre management skills , standing on a higher point , more comprehensive and systematic thinking and problem solving .

      Fourth:pay system

      1:management and technical personnel : Bachelor 2500 - 3000 yuan / month, Master 6000 yuan / month, PhD 9000 yuan / month.

      2:the marketing staff using commission wage system, namely basic salary + commission .

      3:wages : from basic wages, salary, job wages , safety awards, attendance bonus and overtime pay components.

      Fifth:the annual salary adjustment

      Company for outstanding employees , 1-2 times per year salary opportunities , the highest salary increases of 30%.

      Six:year-end bonuses

      1:after the end of the year , we will based on the employee performance and company performance , to provide staff with annual performance bonuses.

      2:performance bonuses directly reflects employee performance and contribution , reflecting the performance-based incentive pay .

      Seven:a special incentive

      For good performance during the year, employees and work teams , we also provide various special incentive to reflect on the outstanding employees, work teams instant recognition and rewards.

      Eight:benefit plans

      1:the company endowment insurance , unemployment insurance , medical insurance ( including ill health ) , maternity insurance, injury insurance and housing fund , and to important positions , handle special types of employee group comprehensive insurance ( accident , accidental medical , accidental hospitalization allowance ) .

      2:the hot season by country or government regulations issued highland high subsidies .

      3:the annual holiday allowance paid holidays for employees ; monthly employee of the month to send a beautiful birthday birthday gift.

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