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      Suzhou Kunlun Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



      Marketing Department:



      Marketing Department:



      Website: www.moldaviteandsugilite.com

      E-mail: klhem@klhem.com

      Address: Suzhou, Jiangsu Jinmao Road Town, Kunshan City, No. 599

      Postal Code: 215313

      Kunshan Policy

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      Kunshan, China's economy is the strongest county-level city, for many years by the National Bureau of Statistics as the first hundred counties nationwide. In recent years, Kunshan, also with strong comprehensive strength reelected Forbes China Best first county-level cities. 2010 Kunshan GDP over 210 billion yuan, according to household population, per capita GDP higher than $ 40,000, ranking first in all cities. Kunshan convenient transportation, education developed, high international level. She is located southeast of Jiangsu Province, Shanghai, Suzhou and between; north to northeast and Changshu, Taicang City, the two cities are connected, east to southeast and Shanghai Jiading, Qingpu District, at the junction of two, the West and the new Suzhou Industrial Park, Wujiang City, which borders the southern town of Zhouzhuang Water and Zhejiang connected. A total area of 927.7 square kilometers. The total population of 1.65 million, of which household population of 760,000.

      Kunshan Sambo: Kun Shi, Viburnum, devoted married couple. Kunshan three Yin: Gu, go light, Zhu Bo Lu. Ancient town: Zhouzhuang, greenery, Jinxi. City Spirit: openness, integration, innovation and excellence.
      Yangtze River Delta city full of Reiki
      As set in between Shanghai and Suzhou, a shining pearl, originated here and was recognized by UNESCO as "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity," the opera, as well as "China's first water" as the representative of Zhouzhuang ancient town, constitute the eternal Kunshan cultural background.
      Economic highly cosmopolitan city open
      65 countries and territories worldwide investors founded here about 5000 projects, total investment of over 30 billion U.S. dollars, Kunshan has become an international high-density areas of capital investment, high return on foreign investment in production and economic development in areas of high growth regions.
      Emerging industrial and commercial city of modern civilization
      Has won the National Sanitary City, National Environmental Protection Model City, China Excellent Tourism City, National Garden City, national ecological demonstration zones and so on. By the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Association as "the most recommended investment environment in mainland cities" in China's reform and opening up 18 typical regions score ranked second in the 2004 CCTV "Chinese Charm City Show" and was named "the most best Chinese charm City "title. 2010 Forbes best county-level cities in China Top 25, ranked first in Kunshan. September 2010, Kunshan and Vienna, Singapore and other five cities this year to get together with UN Habitat 

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